Liječenje hipertenzije kod bisoprolol, Beta-1 selektivni blokatori za liječenje visokog krvnog tlaka

In liječenje hipertenzije kod bisoprolol paper, we report the results of a prespecified secondary analysis of GEMINI that sought to determine the effect of these two beta-blockers on commonly reported symptoms.

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The Diabetes Symptom Checklist DSCa self-report questionnaire measuring the occurrence and perceived burden of diabetes-related symptoms, was completed by GEMINI participants at baseline and at the end of the study maintenance month 5. The DSC assessed symptoms in eight domains: psychology fatiguepsychology cognitiveneuropathy painneuropathy sensorycardiology, ophthalmology, hyperglycaemia and hypoglycaemia.

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Comparison of the mean change in self-reported diabetes-related symptoms indicated a significant treatment difference favouring carvedilol over metoprolol tartrate in overall symptom score Carvedilol resulted in fewer perceived diabetes-related symptoms in patients with diabetes and hypertension. Carvedilol resulted in a lower perceived burden of diabetes-related symptoms in patients with type 2 diabetes and hypertension.

The addition of a well-tolerated beta-blocker to RAS blockade may improve hypertension treatment and quality liječenje hipertenzije kod bisoprolol life in patients with diabetes.

liječenje hipertenzije kod bisoprolol

Effi cacy of atenolol and captopril in reducing risk of macro vascular complications in type 2 diabetes: UKPDS. Br Med J ;

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